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Star of Americas Psychic Challenge, Tori Allah joins Christopher Valentine to teach the secrets on how to attract Wealth, Relationships, Career and Health through the use of plants, crystals, and more with the proper placement in your home!

Super-Star Shirley Jones reveals how she rocketed to fame and fortune and how many of Hollywood's Elite get started in the business. Academy Award winner and Star of the Partridge Family is always a class-act and Hollywood Royalty as she does an inspiring sit-down interview with Christopher Valentine for national television.

Legendary Film and Television Star Dan Haggerty guest stars on CVS. From Episode 8 Segment 7 star of Grizzly Adams discusses his roles in Film with Annette Funicello, Elvis Presely, and working in Nature on location for Grizzly Adams. Walk of Fame Star is a lively and very humorous guest with many funny stories and anecdotes!

SAG winner and Star of Stage, Screen, and over 250 television shows - Stephen Tobolosky and Christopher Valentine have a lively discussion on GLEE, Ground Hog Day and the craft service table! Check your local television guide and Watch the Full Episode 7 on Organic Farming in high definition - wide screen!

World famous Astrologer Susan Miller guest stars on the Christopher Valentine Show and unveils how Astrology works so accurately to plan for the future as well as how her mother learned the science and art behind charting Astrology from her Aunt and how she taught Susan over many years.

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