What makes a Reality Aftershow great is when you know the Players, Guest Stars and Pop-Culture inside and out.

Chris's forte is to not just break-it-down, but to enthusiastically provide you an entertainment Show in-and-of itself- with actual Guest Stars in-Studio to get those in-depth candid answers you've been craving.  He keeps his co-hosts and more importantly the viewers laughing non-stop - making for a fast-paced unique view-point on today's hottest Celebrities and Shows.


Chris Valentine TV Host of Afterbuzz TV's Finding Prince Charming

Eden Sassoon is my special Guest Star 3 times in studio for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

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Host of Afterbuzz TV's Dancing with the Stars

Chris has starred, guest-starred or has been a special guest in over 100+ Prime Time shows.


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"Real Housewife of Beverly Hills" Superstar Lisa Rinna and Chris Valentine attending the CineFashion Awards in Beverly Hills.

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Chris Valentine Host the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Host of POP's Night Cap

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E!'s Hollywood Medium

Guest Star and TV Host

2 Hour Finale Special with Eden Sassoon and Dr. Christian Toren

Hosting the Red Carpet OSCARS for Premier Access Network 2018.

Pop Culture expert from the Golden Age of MGM to Present - Chris Valentine - Host, Emcee, Presenter

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Guest Star and TV Host

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Host of Afterbuzz TV's Hollywood Medium

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​​Thursday night's sizzle this season with Chris Valentine hosting.

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Never misses a beat - stay in sync with your Reality show.

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Chris Valentine has  appeared on 13 Reality TV shows

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"Real Housewife of Beverly Hills"  Adrienne Maloof, famed owner of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings interviewed by Chris Valentine.